Saturday, December 27, 2008

[Advertising] Energy Saving Trust

During my second semester of MA Visual Communication. I did a campaign about global warming. The topic I chose is to promote energy saving ideal to the public and the client I had picked is Energy Saving Trust. In additions, the audience I targeted is middle class families in the UK, parents who have moderate income.

Objective of the campaign is to helps audience to save up their monthly income, reduce energy wasted and fight climate change. Energy saving trust is the website that successfully advice people save up to 20 percent of energy that we used everyday.

TV Commercial Storyboard
In the TV Commercial above, possession of Michael and his wife have disappear one after another into light beam while they wasted electricity on unused gadget.

Magazine Advert
Concept: Please switch off all the unused enery source because wasting energy may reduce your power of comsumption.

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