Saturday, May 24, 2008

[Design] Are you addicted tonight?

Most of designers are additing on bad hobbies? Overnight work, coffee and cigarette are killing us softly day by day. I'm not a smoker but I still remember my collage friend shows me how badly is a cigratte destroy her by blowing smoke on a tissue. Coffee costs diabetes; smoking costs lung cancer. Take care, my friend.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[Design] Hope or Heaven?

12 May 2008, a natural disaster falling at Si Chuan, China. Many of Chinese death and suffering after the earthquake. Many sad and miserable story continuous reported to the world everyday after that day. Below is one of the dialogue from the news which inspired me.

" 模糊中看到缝隙外边有亮光,接着再次昏迷。此时,一个声音唤醒了她,是同学马健。“我哭着对他说,马健你别走,等我死了再走吧。马健说,‘我不会走的,你是班上年纪最小的,也是生命力最旺盛的,你一定要坚持住。" from

"Sorry for my bad translation."
A student who stucking in the ruin was crying and said to his/her friend: "Ma Jian, please don't leave me before I die". " You are the youngest in the class and the most vigorous one. I won't go and you must hold on there." said Ma Jian.

The poster shows the victims who straggling between hopeness and death in the ruin. Every life are trying hard to live, although all the blocks and difficulty are coming in few seconds. Which will you choose if you are the one of those victims, hope or heaven?