Saturday, December 27, 2008

[Advertising] Energy Saving Trust

During my second semester of MA Visual Communication. I did a campaign about global warming. The topic I chose is to promote energy saving ideal to the public and the client I had picked is Energy Saving Trust. In additions, the audience I targeted is middle class families in the UK, parents who have moderate income.

Objective of the campaign is to helps audience to save up their monthly income, reduce energy wasted and fight climate change. Energy saving trust is the website that successfully advice people save up to 20 percent of energy that we used everyday.

TV Commercial Storyboard
In the TV Commercial above, possession of Michael and his wife have disappear one after another into light beam while they wasted electricity on unused gadget.

Magazine Advert
Concept: Please switch off all the unused enery source because wasting energy may reduce your power of comsumption.

[Advertising] WAO Domestic Violence

A series of preventing domestic violence magazine adverts that I done during the first year of my diploma advertising course. The concept of this series are based on real life stories which victims told their unfortune memories toward the audiences.

[Photography] Products shooting

During my diploma course, I learn a series of product photography in the studio. Furthermore, photo montage also part of the knowledge that makes my photos look better.

Tone and Manner: Targeting middle age women, the photo shows elegant and gorgeous lady who wants to outstanding herself. Suitable used for events and gathering.

Tone and Manner: The photo speaks to sporty and young players. The atmosphere of the photo is comfortable yet energetic which represent the character of the sport shoe.

Tone and Manner: The photo shows a warm and fullness breakfast for the audiences. It tells the audiences, a great day start with a cup of Nescafe coffee.

Tone and Manner: Neon light shows the scene of night club and bar. It makes Hennesy as a popular alcoholic drink during a romantic and passionate night.

[Photography] Model shooting in FRIM

In the third year of my diploma course, our class had a trip to the nearest forest and ran a model photoshooting section.

[Design] Billboard Design

The college also provided lesson about billboard design. It's about the theory and requirement to design a good billboard. Billboard doesn't need lots of information and complicated message for viewer. Below is the sample of my works to demonstrating my understanding of billboard design.

One of my three best ideas about promoting Singapore tourism for Malaysian. The concept of this billboard is about much joyfulness and excitement experience that you can find in a tiny country, Singapore.

The second brand I did is promoting Colgate toothpaste helps you build stronger tooth and the relation between the brand and customer are unbreakable, just like a married couple.

Three billboard was promoting the credit card of a Malaysia Bank. The concept tells people not to worry much while travelling with the credit card.

Friday, December 26, 2008

[Presentation] Survive before deadline.

On the second semester of MA Visual Communication, my class is having a presentation about sharing personal professional knowledge with classmate. My course subject is advertising so I came out a topic to teach and demonstrate the process of creative thinking. In additions, I required my creative thinking process must be fast and efficient before I kick start my research.

Above is my presentation that recorded by my tutor. Please enjoy my nervous and broken English.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

[Design] Samsung Annual Report

Experimental annual report publication design for Samsung company. The concept of this annual report is to express the relationship between the company and their target audience is like a lover. The concept wanted to show that Samsung sincere and friendly serving their customer through the years. The major attraction of this annual report is applying the concept of courtship into every chapter. It is because to entertain and making impression to the reader. To sum up, this annual report helps me gain lots of goodwill from the design industry.

[Design] Butterfly Lover Opera booklet

Butterfly lover is a famous Chinese legendary romance story. In this booklet, I responsible to work out a promotional booklet for the audience of the theater performance. The performances presented by a group of new generation performer and the show has a younger target audiences. Therefore, the tone and manner of the booklet has to be slightly fashionable and trendy.

Above is part of the booklet spread and it included character and story introduction, cast and some photographs of the show.

[illustration] Tiger Beer Magazine Adverts

My very first series of advertising campaign. The objective is to promote Tiger Beer to younger generation in Malaysia. In additions, Tiger Beer makes you look out-standing and energetic in night life. Each of the advert done in one day time, from pencil drawing to illustrator vector art. Alcohol liquid is done in Photoshop because I wish to high-light the product and smoother feeling for the drinking sensation.

[Design] Da Vinci Children Advertisement

[Design] Da Vinci Children Newsletter

[illustration] Happy Birthday to Ah Mak

An caricature I drew for my girl friend's grandmother for celebrating her 80 years old birthday.
* Cartoon and exaggerate style on facial expression.
* Pencil outline and colouring with Photoshop.
* Used on birthday card.

[illustration] Summer Break

The first summer vacation in Stratford-upon-Avon. I'm loving the nature and peaceful atmosphere of the small little town. Cold wind kiss my face, Swans floating on the canal and Century old houses let I walk into history.

Illustration above is to express my feeling on a british old town in summer time. Although the view looks warm and energetic but it feels cold, fresh and peaceful.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

[Design] Da Vinci Children Illustration Book Cover

[illustration] Da Vinci School's Wallpaper

[Design] Posters for Buddha Academy

[illustration] Love and Depression

[Design] Flower

[illustration] Caricature for Ex-colleague

Caricature I drew for my ex-colleague's wedding card. The caricature is based on my imagination and the photo which I received from the bride. I painted the illustration with Wacom and Photoshop.

[Packaging] La Boheme Australia Wine