Saturday, March 28, 2009

[illustration] Defination of Futurism

What is the future? what kind of outfit will us wear? What is the main objective of daily life? Are we still going to stay in the earth or out of the space? Questioning in my mind after watching the 7 ways to the end of the earth.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[Campaign] 100 Plus isotonic drink TVC

100 Plus is a famous isotonic drink in Malaysia. During my last year of my college life. I had produce a advertising campaign for the isotonic drink. The concept is to show the unbeatable spirit for the one who drink and gaining energy from the drink.
Above is the storyboard that I drew for my advertising project during college life.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[illustration] The Blood Eater and Squid Ant

Barbarian type of fighter helps me to experimental on muscle, shape and fierce facial expression. In additions, I also tried on colour matching for the night scene and skin colour. However, I'm quite satisfied on this painting.

The Squid Ant is a fun fusion on different creature into a monster. This monster I wanted it to be disgusting and freaky for audiences senses. Furthermore, green colour give curios and horrorble feeling. Background image shows a bright enviroment which cost by the neon light of the monster eggs.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

[illustration] Colour sketch for Dunkin Donut advert

Marker rendering school work during my college. The piece of advert promotes the diet donut by Dunkin's Donut. The image presents a young lady who successful on diet. She obtain a slim and sexy body but wearing a loose clothes. In additions, the girl is playing a donut hula hoop. The purpose of showing this is to shows the donut help the audience who love donut have no worry on the calory. Furthermore, it projects a healthy and energetic lifestyle for the audiences.

[Design] Paradise Travel Magazine

Paradise Travel Magazine is my another college work. I got the brief from my lecture that I need to develop and design a brand new magazine in the industrial. I found the sources I wanted from another magazines to form the Paradise Travel Magazine. The text were dummy and meaningless for the contents. Above is the mock up that I submitted during the publication class.

Above is part of the magazine's spreads. There are 3 fiction and 3 sub-fiction in the magazine. Main objective of the magazine is to introduce "hot spot" for travellers in Malaysia. In additions, it also shares lastest information, such as hotel, transportation and fashion for the reader's insight.

[Design] Corporate Identity for Alpha Oriental Group

In this project, I'm going to re-brand Alpha Oriental Group and the companies which specialist in franchising amusement machine and entertainment industry in Malaysia. Alpha Oriental group has four major businesses which is manufacture amusement game machines, children amusement theme park, photo sticker machines outlet and karaoke outlet. Each of them has different market segment and target audiences so I have to come out with different marketing plans, corporate identity and promotional tools.

My final outcome in this project will be a redesign version of the company's website. Redesign the website is more important than other works because it is a useful and effective promotional tool to spread the company's information and latest news to public. Furthermore, it is a space to build a long term relationship with its customer and maintain Alpha Oriental group's brand equity. Beside website design, a functional and unique stationary set also an important tool for a strong brand. It shows the unity design and core brand's characteristic for theirs staff and customer. Then, I will design a corporate brochure as a promotional and business tool for audiences who interested to become their franchisees.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[illustration] Save The Queen

After the forth times I visited National Art Gallery in London and inspired by the magazine name ImagineFX. I decided to draw a portrait of a female warrior. She is a Queen with shinny golden armor and a sword name "Save the Queen" living a very far and ancient kingdom. She beautiful yet has a strong staminal to lift up her really heavy sword and protecting hers royal family from the enemy. (I guess that the usual background story that a queen should have, anyway it just my imagination)