Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

[illustration] The Phantom of the Opera

My most flavour theater show, the phantom of the opera. I was lucky to watch it few weeks ago and the scene I draw above was the most memorable one. I love it a lot because of a beautiful balance of layout perform in a moving action scene. The music is still repeating in my mind and images start flashing in front of my eye. Love it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

[Photography] Dragon Castle Restaurant.

The 2nd shot with another Chinese Restaurant name Dragon Castle which located at Elephant and Castle. Again, all the photos are shot with my handy camera with Photoshop montage. This time, everything shot I took are based same requirement like the previous photo shooting section.

[illustration] Opening Ceremony

A vector graphic that explain every performance that prepared by the restaurant for their customer on the opening party. The graphic is based on photo reference and it re-path with line, and stroke and my personal's experience.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

[Branding] Dragon Castle and Dragon Inn Corporate Branding.

[Photography] Before and After at Dragon Inn Restaurant

One of the sister companies is having a re-opening ceremony. Therefore, I have a task to redesign a new and fresh image to attract and invite customer from other races. Our manager wish to widen his restaurant business to high education customer who willing to spent and make our restaurant as their business conference meeting point. Below was the photograph that I took and refine.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

[Design] Sample leaflet for the finance company.

Having a work trial section as a in-house designer at a financial company in London. Having a trendy layout with a concept of fast and convenient as the structure for the design. The concept element are based on the racing car that reflect on the service of the company. It's a 2 fold leaflet with the dominant corporate blue colour.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

[illustration] Cloud Soldier

Having a fast painting section with Julian and he open a topic for me to spare my jobless time. I took five hours to finish it and I had experimental new tools in Painter. The theme is about Cloud Soldier, I got no idea what meaning of cloud soldier. Therefore, I just draw cloud and soldier. Haha.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

[illustration] Defination of Futurism

What is the future? what kind of outfit will us wear? What is the main objective of daily life? Are we still going to stay in the earth or out of the space? Questioning in my mind after watching the 7 ways to the end of the earth.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[Campaign] 100 Plus isotonic drink TVC

100 Plus is a famous isotonic drink in Malaysia. During my last year of my college life. I had produce a advertising campaign for the isotonic drink. The concept is to show the unbeatable spirit for the one who drink and gaining energy from the drink.
Above is the storyboard that I drew for my advertising project during college life.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[illustration] The Blood Eater and Squid Ant

Barbarian type of fighter helps me to experimental on muscle, shape and fierce facial expression. In additions, I also tried on colour matching for the night scene and skin colour. However, I'm quite satisfied on this painting.

The Squid Ant is a fun fusion on different creature into a monster. This monster I wanted it to be disgusting and freaky for audiences senses. Furthermore, green colour give curios and horrorble feeling. Background image shows a bright enviroment which cost by the neon light of the monster eggs.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

[illustration] Colour sketch for Dunkin Donut advert

Marker rendering school work during my college. The piece of advert promotes the diet donut by Dunkin's Donut. The image presents a young lady who successful on diet. She obtain a slim and sexy body but wearing a loose clothes. In additions, the girl is playing a donut hula hoop. The purpose of showing this is to shows the donut help the audience who love donut have no worry on the calory. Furthermore, it projects a healthy and energetic lifestyle for the audiences.

[Design] Paradise Travel Magazine

Paradise Travel Magazine is my another college work. I got the brief from my lecture that I need to develop and design a brand new magazine in the industrial. I found the sources I wanted from another magazines to form the Paradise Travel Magazine. The text were dummy and meaningless for the contents. Above is the mock up that I submitted during the publication class.

Above is part of the magazine's spreads. There are 3 fiction and 3 sub-fiction in the magazine. Main objective of the magazine is to introduce "hot spot" for travellers in Malaysia. In additions, it also shares lastest information, such as hotel, transportation and fashion for the reader's insight.

[Design] Corporate Identity for Alpha Oriental Group

In this project, I'm going to re-brand Alpha Oriental Group and the companies which specialist in franchising amusement machine and entertainment industry in Malaysia. Alpha Oriental group has four major businesses which is manufacture amusement game machines, children amusement theme park, photo sticker machines outlet and karaoke outlet. Each of them has different market segment and target audiences so I have to come out with different marketing plans, corporate identity and promotional tools.

My final outcome in this project will be a redesign version of the company's website. Redesign the website is more important than other works because it is a useful and effective promotional tool to spread the company's information and latest news to public. Furthermore, it is a space to build a long term relationship with its customer and maintain Alpha Oriental group's brand equity. Beside website design, a functional and unique stationary set also an important tool for a strong brand. It shows the unity design and core brand's characteristic for theirs staff and customer. Then, I will design a corporate brochure as a promotional and business tool for audiences who interested to become their franchisees.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[illustration] Save The Queen

After the forth times I visited National Art Gallery in London and inspired by the magazine name ImagineFX. I decided to draw a portrait of a female warrior. She is a Queen with shinny golden armor and a sword name "Save the Queen" living a very far and ancient kingdom. She beautiful yet has a strong staminal to lift up her really heavy sword and protecting hers royal family from the enemy. (I guess that the usual background story that a queen should have, anyway it just my imagination)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

[illustration] Heavy Snowing London

Another background for GokuJournals blog's background. The theme is showing the new life in London and experienced the first heavy snow since I came to the UK.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

[Design] China Film Revolution

Recently, I accepted a freelance job for a Chinese Film Organisation. Objective of the job is to create an image for the Chinese Film Festival 2009 Poster. Unfortunately, I didn't received any deposit and the design fee that they offer is to low so the project has to determined. The image above shows the revolution of China film history. The requirement of the poster is to use the scenes which supplied by the client and apply the taste and style of each revolution period on the photo. After the project became an unborn baby, I had fixed the unfinish rough colour thumb and made it look slightly nicer.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Campaign] ISSUK charity

The objective of this campaign is to express the unique selling point for the public and promote the differences from other social service charity agencies. Furthermore, I wanted target audiences to help those unfortunate children by contact ISSUK.

In this campaign is to create awareness in traditional and alternative approach. Help advertisement getting up close with audiences and spread the ideas in a way that they least expected.

Concept of press advert: This advert shows a pair of hand sending a Chinese child across ocean, with the tag line “Lend a hand for the unfortunate children”.

The concept of this advert is to show ISSUK need many strength from the UK citizen to achieve the goal. The storyboard has the unique tone and manner with the press advert.The TV Commercial is in 30 second and I have separated it into 15 frames.

Ambient Media

Objective of using ambient media to promote the USP of ISSUK is to draw attention easily, building strong images in mind and convey the message directly to target audience.

The false child has the same size as a real child. It’s to make illusion for public that a homeless child are waiting for you help. In addition, it also bring the concept to audience of do not let the next generation suffering like the victims of war world2.

Another concept is on the heart sticker located at the name list below the sculpture. Concept of this heart shape is to making link between ISSUK concept and the meaning of the sculpture “ memorial of all victims of the Blitz on Birmingham.”

[Ambient Media] Knife Crime

The key objective of this campaign is to get the country to focus on this violent. In additions, it's to prevention of knife crime and reduce the number of knives on our streets.

I came out a small iconic sticker which has multiple function to spread the word. It will be give away for public to stick around and spread the message of reducing crime. Furthermore, some of the sticker will place by staff to create a unite meaning.

(a) Road signature
Beware of knife crime on the street and watch your back.

(b) Security camera
For the one who want to commit crime. you are watching by the camera.

(c) T-shirt
Beware, someone might stab you from the back. Together keep an eye on knife crime.

(d) Other’s advertisement
Beware, knife crime might spoil your family.

(e) Window display
Placing on window display in front of a statue tell public to aware knife crime.

[Ambient Media] Break Through

I had change the D&AD brief to my own version of learning on Ambient Media. By using ambient media to promote breast awareness during the UK’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) in October 2008.

The concept of this message string is to create an illusion for audience to tell them that this artwork will send for check up soon. On the other hand, it’s to remind audience that is time to go for a breast cancer check up. I chose gallery and museum as the tool to spread my message because I'm targeting fourty to sixty female audiences who live in the UK.

The artworks with string tell the audiences that this piece of statue is currently not open for public becuase it needs to be checking up. Like the crime scene, there are a string surrounded to avoid people get closer.

The string will place on all female artworks such as statue, oil canvas, stained glass with full body can be tie with the string to convey the concept to public.