Wednesday, December 17, 2008

[illustration] Superhero Fansart

I love superhero very much! The following artworks is based on my imagination before I step into the cinema. These artworks had win consolation prizes for me and I'm glad that I had the chances to show off the heroes from my point of view.

Dragon Tiger Gate movie talks about three young mans with excellent Chinese martial art who stand with justice and protecting citizen from the bad guys. I loves Kung Fu action movie as much as those superior skills of superhero movie because of their elegance yet violence movement.

After first and second Spiderman movies, the animation really stun me on the landscape of skyscraper and the elastic body. In the third Spiderman movie, there are more stronger enemies who obtain special power that caught my attention in the trailer.

Beside Spiderman, X-men also came to the third movie. This was my very first superhero fans art. I'm having fun while experimented the body structure and the action of the fight, specially when I tried to copy my funny and odd pose onto Wolverine.

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