Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Campaign] ISSUK charity

The objective of this campaign is to express the unique selling point for the public and promote the differences from other social service charity agencies. Furthermore, I wanted target audiences to help those unfortunate children by contact ISSUK.

In this campaign is to create awareness in traditional and alternative approach. Help advertisement getting up close with audiences and spread the ideas in a way that they least expected.

Concept of press advert: This advert shows a pair of hand sending a Chinese child across ocean, with the tag line “Lend a hand for the unfortunate children”.

The concept of this advert is to show ISSUK need many strength from the UK citizen to achieve the goal. The storyboard has the unique tone and manner with the press advert.The TV Commercial is in 30 second and I have separated it into 15 frames.

Ambient Media

Objective of using ambient media to promote the USP of ISSUK is to draw attention easily, building strong images in mind and convey the message directly to target audience.

The false child has the same size as a real child. It’s to make illusion for public that a homeless child are waiting for you help. In addition, it also bring the concept to audience of do not let the next generation suffering like the victims of war world2.

Another concept is on the heart sticker located at the name list below the sculpture. Concept of this heart shape is to making link between ISSUK concept and the meaning of the sculpture “ memorial of all victims of the Blitz on Birmingham.”

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