Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Ambient Media] Best Beginnings

Another D&AD brief that I change for my master subject. Through ambient media, I need to sell the idea that breastfeeding is a positive choice that young people will want to make when they become parents. The target audience is young people, especially teenagers from lower socio-economic groups.

Champion baby bowling event is held in the bowling alley in the UK. This ambient media advertisement will transform a lane or two into a special lane that promote the benefit of breast feeding. The objective is to tell audiences breast milk is better than other milk. The ball represent women breast and pin represent bottle. It tells the message of beating down or against other milk from the baby. Poster on the lane showing the message “ The more pins yhou hit down and it makes you baby as a champion baby”. In additions, it’s to show breast feeding is a good starting point for them.

The game
By using Milk bottle replace the pins and breast replace the ball to tell the message “ against other milk beside breast milk”.

The lane
Huge poster sticking on the end of the lane. The image shows the baby is friendly welcome breast milk to make him as a champion of tomorrow.

Target audience
The game is targeting female and young generation. Bowling is suitable and match my target audience because the game is suitable for every socio-economic group and it’s a healthy game. Suitable for women who just gave birth to lose their weight.

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