Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Ambient Media] Knife Crime

The key objective of this campaign is to get the country to focus on this violent. In additions, it's to prevention of knife crime and reduce the number of knives on our streets.

I came out a small iconic sticker which has multiple function to spread the word. It will be give away for public to stick around and spread the message of reducing crime. Furthermore, some of the sticker will place by staff to create a unite meaning.

(a) Road signature
Beware of knife crime on the street and watch your back.

(b) Security camera
For the one who want to commit crime. you are watching by the camera.

(c) T-shirt
Beware, someone might stab you from the back. Together keep an eye on knife crime.

(d) Other’s advertisement
Beware, knife crime might spoil your family.

(e) Window display
Placing on window display in front of a statue tell public to aware knife crime.

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