Friday, November 14, 2008

[Design] Matahari Calendar 2009

"I tried to improve the quality of the photo, not sure what's wrong with the quality of the photo."

Took around 3 hours to draw and colour the bull. First time try on speed painting (although I know 3 hours is quite long). Concept of the calendar is to increase the spirit and royalty of employee and customer to the company. These three parties help each other to achieve all the goals and targets. Golden Bull represent the company's strength and always moving forward in year 2009.

Chinese New Year Card
Furthermore, I'm doing a Chinese New Year Card for the company. The card is in a postcard format and the layout spread the message directly to the customer. Cow Mascot shows the company is friendly and sincere to serve all type of customer. Back side of the postcard has the image of the company outlook and it is for customer easy to recognise and memorize.

The calendar above was the previous year version. 2008 is a golden rat year for the Chinese. Therefore, I drew all the rats in cartoon character style because brilliant colour and funny shape can easy attract audience's attraction. In additions, it also represent energetic and happy atmosphere in the company. The image makes people feel passion and trusted on the quality of the company's products and services.

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